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Welcome…I’m Stacey, creator of Kickstartbabies. A brutally honest blog of my journey to mummy, through IVF and beyond. I’m proud wife to Keith and now co-creator of our gorgeous, twin boys, Ronnie and Arnie, who were born as a result of IVF in 2015. I started blogging my IVF journey after 3 failed IUIs and 1 abandoned cycle, following years of ‘Unexplained Infertility’. I don’t flower things up, I say it how it is, to rid the taboo around the subject of infertility, on my mission to reach just that one person in need of a little hope (or just a bloody good laugh at my expense).

We were one of the lucky ones, but many couples out there are still going through round after round of IVF,  in their quest to parenthood. By openly sharing our story, I hope it paves the way to more people talking openly of their experiences, as I know first hand how reading other peoples highs and lows, have given hope and support to many.

Regardless of how long the struggle, the end goal is the same.


Our IVF Journey

“This wasn’t how i’d imagined making a baby. There was no candlelit dinner, mixing drinks and ripping eachothers clothes off on the stairs in a spontaneous moment of passion. I was walking hand in hand with Keith, bum poking out from my hospital gown, cheeks clenched so not to shoot out my pessary, wrists labelled up like a lab rat, and we had an entourage of unfamiliar faces watching, as we dragged our third wheel, infertility down the corridor for the last time…”

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Meet My Family

You can’t choose your family…. but if I could….. I would’ve picked them anyway.

My three musketeers – Keith, Ronnie and Arnie. This is for you xxx

Meet My Family…

IVF Timeline

Just about to embark on your IVF journey?

Curious as to what’s involved?

Want to know a rough idea of how long the process could be?

Take a look at my interactive, open diary of our successful IVF round back in 2014.

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