My interview on The Wright Stuff – Should NHS stop funding IVF?

I hadn’t even read listened to their opinions and I was already dialling them to talk.
As I was on hold I could hear the previous, pig ignorant woman, Heather having her say. Lets just say she obviously hadn’t been through IVF, nor did it sound like she had even wanted children of her own.
See what I had to say, Live on tv today on The Wright Stuff
Yes, I think cuts need to be made somewhere.
With infertility affecting 1 in 6, IVF shouldn’t be the easy option to cut IVF from funding. Maybe look into cosmetic surgery for women depressed about their appearance? (I’m not talking women who have reconstructive surgery following illness.)
 There are also people who are using the NHS service, yet not paying anything into our economy. We absolutely do need to look into making these cuts somewhere, then we would save enough for more cancer treatments, IVF treatment and other things that should be readily available.
 I don’t believe the postcode lottery is fair.
Maybe all areas should offer one so that it’s one rule for all. This issue alone can have a huge strain on someone’s mental health, knowing if they lived a few miles north would make the difference between 1 or 3 rounds.
Who knows. .. my opinion may well have been different if my first IVF didn’t work.
Think of women out there who have zero funding. We are extremely lucky here in the UK.  But we need more clear, fairer guidelines for all clinics to follow.
I would have loved to have done that all over again, without being put on the spot….
My answer to his last question, about what makes my need for a family bigger than someone who is struggling mentally about their appearance would be –
To get them the right help. Use more therapy to get them thinking differently about their appearance rather than giving them the option of costly surgery. No amount of positive mental attitude will create a baby for someone who has been told they can’t have children naturally.