My Family


My amazing man was friend zoned for a couple of years, before I realised he was actually the love of my life. We first met in a local bar, where we were introduced by a mutual friend, and he started telling me a story about ‘Thomas, the fat, lazy cat’. He used to walk me home from the pub for a good year and a half, before pure, small town rumour was that we were an item. Soon enough, the gossip got us exchanging messages, laughing at our apparent ‘hook up’, and we’ve been ‘hooked’ ever since.

We’ve been together for over a decade ( March 2006), he made me his wife in 2012 and made my dream of being a mummy come true in 2015.

He is the Ren to my Stimpy…..His laugh is infectious, he has the patience of a saint, he works super hard, and it just so happens that he’s the most gorgeous man on the planet!

I am so proud to be his wife, and beyond thankful to have him as the father of our gorgeous boys.

Still yet to change a nappy without yelling “help me”, incapable of cooking a meal, thinks romance is in a new handheld hoover and classes Grand Canal Journeys as a good watch.

I wouldn’t change a thing…..


My first born (by all of 2 minutes) and the smaller of the twins, weighing in at a tiny 3lb 10oz on arrival. He is literally the double of his daddy, with flared nostrils and his trademark sticky up hair. Named after my mum who was Ann/ Annie to friends, so Arnie was as close to it for a boys name as I could get.

Hates loud noises, busy places, bright lights and has a strong dislike to supermarkets, especially Sainsburys.

Has a fascination with belly buttons and finds it compulsory to finger every nook and cranny of his toys, play areas, floors, doors, food… yada yada. Obsessed with his little sheep comforter.

Without doubt a mummys boy.


He’s the chunkier monkey, who weighed in at 3lb 15oz on arrival. He looks more like his mummy, with lighter, far more tamed hair.

I was convinced I was having at least one girl, who would have been called Bonnie, so that’s where his name came from, (something I’m still having to laugh off when 91% of people who meet us think he’s Reggie).

He hates sharing his daddy, doesn’t like anything sweet… other than that, he’s the most affectionate of the two, who loves cuddles, singing and his rabbit comforter. Yells “Keith” and “Stace”.

Although a chatterbox, just like his mummy, he’s a daddy’s boy through and through.