Boys turn 1….


We’re home from a lovely weekend away celebrating the boys 1st birthday. It was so lovely and the boys had a great time with their girls, as did we with our friends.

Night times were pretty unsettled, but after a drop in at the doctors this afternoon, all made sense when they confirmed both boys have ear infections in both ears. I feel like we all need a holiday!

There now in bed dosed up….really hope they rest well tonight poor babies. I mean one year olds! !!!

This picture says how it really is….. we just wanted a nice picture of us all, sat in the same spot 2 years on from when we did last….. We were bribing one with sweets, begging another whilst trying to get Arnie to just be happy staying still for one picture. Just one picture of us all on the steps of beach hut 138. Thankfully Ronnie got the idea and was completely oblivious to the chaos behind him. I’m not posting the ‘perfect’ one because to be honest. …. it was just pure luck to have been snapped in the real moment of our perfect chaos.

Here we are in Feb 2014 with our friends and their beautiful daughters x


Home this morning and I’m neck deep in cake infested clothes. 4 washes down, 2 to go.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for the lovely birthday wishes for the boys, and for the cards and gifts from overseas. They’ve been truly spoilt!
Much love,

The mother of 367 day olds. (Hmm….that still sounds old)

The mother of 12month olds.

The mother of 1 year olds.