A poem to my mum, Forever 56…

For my beautiful Mum, Ann.


I looked up to the sky today
Imagined you standing there
I blew a kiss for you to catch
One returned on the fresh, spring air.

I felt it as it landed
So softly upon my brow
Oh I would give up everything
To have a moment with you now.

I’d sing you Happy Birthday
I’d watch to make a wish
Today you should be 60
Now you’re forever 56.

No longer growing older
In my heart I’ll always see
Your face just as i know it
One day you’ll seem younger than me

Memories of you are cherished
They don’t age or wilt with time
And since you gained your angel wings
Theres no more laughter lines.

We’ll stand next to your resting place
Amongst the bulbs and butterflies
And watch the boys release balloons
Up to their NanAnn in the sky.

Whatever you have planned up there
We’ll join you when we dream
We’ll pour you’re favourite, Bailey’s
and we’ll toast to Evergreen.

~ Stacey Hill, 2016 ~