House rules…

I’ve had jars in my kitchen for as long as I can remember. Sometimes full of porridge oats and sometimes bulging with cookies.

This morning, I’ve emptied out the contents with the intention of bringing something else to the table…. Conversation.


We’re always on our phones in this house, and hands up, it’s normally me with my face in my phone during dinner.
From now on I’m setting rules.

Phones in the jar when we are in the living room.

So when we’re sat relaxing in the evenings and on weekends, we can strike up conversation, rather than sit scrolling through the same feeds as we’ve already done ten times the same day , and focus on each other rather than what everyone else is up to. Most importantly,¬† the kids will be getting the best of us, something that’s been picking away at me for some time now, worrying I’m too busy pointing the camera in their faces rather than being in the moment with them. It’s a fine line between creating memories and actually being part of them.

I’m going to only use the jar when Keith is here. That’s when I feel we need it most. There’s no point setting a rule I know will quickly be broken. So realistically, at weekends and in the evenings I want to impose the new rule of ‘ being present’. I feel we will really benefit from this which in turn is setting a better example for our boys.

Communication and conversation. Something we all unfortunately  lost sight of in this fast and social media driven world.