Mail Online feature – Out came the creatures….

Wow. Pretty overwhelmed by the response to our story in the Daily Mail Online yesterday, and I just love the opening quote was my peeing into a hairspray lid.

Thank you to everyone who shared this and who commented. Feel very blessed to be getting our story out there. Like I’ve said before, we were very lucky with our first round of IVF giving us our ticket to parenthood. I know many women on a far more turbulent journey, and they are why I’m so determined to get people talking about it. I want them to feel supported, I want them to have access to lots of womens journeys because its so important that we see how different we all are, yet our end goal is the same. Reading other womens stories gave me hope, picked me up on the down days and shown me a community of women there to share my thoughts and feelings with, which ultimately ended up being my coping mechanism.

Unfortunately, there’s always one or two dickheads, who have bags of time to leave their unwanted, pig ignorant opinions when your in the media. But thankfully, I don’t take them to heart… in fact I had quite a hoot at some of them…. so thank you!

Dickhead number 1 “ewwwwwwwwww”……..

Pah….. I know, gross right? I peed in hairspray lids… forgot to mention that 98% of the time I actually peed on my hand! Or was it about the pessary I was trying desperately not to shoot out? In all honesty, I wasn’t sure if it was even in the right orifice !

Dickhead number 2 “Only evil will come from this”…….

Ah, thanks for leaving a message…. you’ve just made yourself look like a complete jerk off in under 30 seconds.

Dickhead number 3 “and they didn’t even look into adopting an abandoned child who needs a loving home and parents ”

Hello friend, sorry, have we met? Only, you seem to know a lot more about me than I do….like whether or not we even looked at adoption…..  Anyway, as your telepathy skills have dazzled me so much…. try and guess what I’m thinking….

My fire has been fuelled – Lots of extremely uncomfortable, gross, apparently offensive writing coming up!  🙂