Contraception after infertility…


Tomorrow I’m going to discuss having the contraceptive implant removed from my arm.

I know, some of you are confused as to why I use contraception when i went through IVF to have children. Well, that’s because life’s a barrel of surprises and in some crazy, messed up way, It would just so happen that I fall pregnant when I wasn’t trying, after years of dealing with unexplained Infertility. To me that would be great! What a blessing! But Keith’s adamant our family will stay as a four, Or is he…

I’m driving myself insane with our options. My reasons for having it removed areĀ  ultimately down to hormones and how crap I feel since having it in. So that narrows it down further.

If I’m honest I don’t want anything. I’d really like to leave my little body alone now and give the old girl a break from being messed with, spare my vagina of yet another set of eyes balls gorping at her.

It’s always been down to me and that’s fine, I welcomed the hormones when I was going through IVF, took them with a pinch of salt, took one for the team because that’s how it works…. But i’m confused.

At first i thought about the copper coil. (Pictured above looking like something from the borrowers) No hormones and reduces risk of pregnancy. But I’ve just read about how it can stop a fertilized egg implanting, & for me , going through the whole process of ivf and the obsession with an egg fertilising. I can’t help but feel this would play tricks with my mind.

As usual, Keith can’t win. Although he originally said he’d have a vasectomy, I feel like that’s too final. We both don’t know how we will feel in a few years. I know he could have it reversed, but is that really what we want to be doing? Just on a quick decision one day you don’t want kids so put your body through that, to then just put it all back together when you decide one day to try again? I don’t know.

So then I start to wonder if I should just take the hits for a little longer with the hormones. I sound like I’m looking into this way too much, but you have to remember that our fertility, (or lack of it ) has been a huge part of our relationship.

Will talk facts and then decide.