COMING SOON – Virtual IVF Lab tour and interviews…

Interview with IVF Lab Director & Virtual Tour of IVF Lab

I am beyond excited to have been given the opportunity to find out what goes on, behind the scenes of a modern IVF lab almost 3.5k miles away, with the chance to interview the lab director, thanks to the power of technology.

They  have use of an embryoscope machine, something that promised to boost my success rate by 10% when I went through IVF (see video blog section for actual footage of Ronnie & Arnie as embryos).

Interested in seeing how a modern IVF lab works behind the scenes?

This clinic in the US, has a combination of years worth of experience and a state of the art lab, that’s resulting in a whopping 85% success rate across all age groups. The US national average is 43%.

I literally cannot contain my excitement here.

What a fantastic thing to see and be able to share with you all.

Watch this space!!!!


ALSO – Multiple transfers

I am on a mission to find out why the protocol for multiple transfers differs from clinic to clinic. IVF already       seems to be a bit of a postcode lottery here in the UK, as to how many rounds couples are offered, but the option of a single embryo transfer vs multiple transfer seems to be murky waters.

I have already been in contact with the Head of Embryology at a lab here in the UK, who has curbed my curiosity to a degree, but still unsatisfied, I’m on a quest to find out more… So I will be putting together a piece on this very subject, once I’ve pinned down the right people.

It will be worth the wait!!!!