The boys start nursery…


These two heart throbs had such a great time checking out their new nursery today, and they can’t wait to start for an afternoon a week kicking off in the summer.

Doesn’t sound much, but that few hours will offer them way more than I can. And although it was never in the plan for them to go, watching them go about their discoveries today cemented my decision that this is for the best thing for all of us.

Got to admit, I felt so emotional just sat there watching them explore new toys, people and places. Not once did they look around to check I was still there. They were so absorbed in their new found freedom.

Most mothers would go and hunt about for the perfect nursery, but I had already made my mind up before I walked in. Location is 2 minute walk and the main reason is that I have friends with babies in the same one. So the boys have their chicks to wink at when they’re there.

I feel this is the beginning of them becoming their own littleĀ  people. Not just ‘The twins’. They are reported separately, treated as their own little people which is stupidly quite a sad feeling for me. Of course that’s just the right way of doing things and I’m all for it (and even more determined to dress them the same).

I’m so excited to watch them grow. That 3 hours a week will help me as a mummy give them the very best I can. Sometimes mummy just isnt enough, and my 100mph superhero power just can’t get them to all of these toddler groups I’d planned on without it running me into the ground. Instead of being in denial & just muscling on in fear of looking and feeling like a failure, i realised no amount of ball pits, sensory boards and hand clapping at home can give them social skills, manners and language development etc to become the best they can be.

I want them to come home with paint on their faces and mud between their toes. I want them to sing me songs they’ve learned, show me their grazed knees from playing with their friends outside. I don’t do those fun things with them as much as I want to. I’m excited for them. I just hope they have an aftercare team at the door as I leave to support an over emotional, frankly quite embarrassing mess of a mother as I leave them behind.