18 months of motherhood… A poem to my boys

18 months

1 and a half

547 days

Since wishes were granted

2 boys we were handed

And all of our dreams were made.


I’ve never felt love quite like this

Hooked, the second I looked in your eyes

You brought back the broken pieces

Of my heart that was stuck in the sky.

We cradled you for hours.

Absorbed every moment with you

Everyone said it goes quickly

Cherish nights in that dimly lit room.


Your tiny little bodies

Fit so perfectly in my arms groove

Now catching a cuddles not so easy

Since you quickly became on the move.


You’ve changed the world around me

People in it, i see in new light

Together we watch you grow older

Oh what a beautiful sight.


I blinked and realised I missed it

All of a sudden my babies now boys.

It scares me how fast you’re changing

I’d stop the clock if given the choice.


Every stage upto now’s been my favourite

I’m excited to see what’s in store

I’ll encourage you everyday

To take risks, be free and explore.


I’m bursting with pride as I write this

I still can’t believe that you’re mine

A perfect example of patience

The best things in life take time.