Twin mum worries…


The day you set your mind to getting out of the house and  torrential rain dampens your spirit. I woke up feeling determined and in control of getting out on my own and heading to the shops , but now its like this, I start questioning if it’s worth it.

Is it even fair on the boys to take them out in the freezing rain?

What if there’s no double trolley or there is, but 10 rows back?

What if I can’t park in a parent space?

What if they kick off the whole time?

Not only do I ask myself these pathetic questions , I absolutely hate setting up the buggy and leaving one sat in the rain while I strap in or  unclip the other. Urgh. I get this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and its starting to drive me mad.

Rain never hurt anyone.

What if I  happen to time things perfectly and glide into a waiting space, there’s a double trolley just sat there at the front and the boys are really happy to just be out of the house?

Stranger things have happened.

I’m getting ready. As soon as they wake from their nap, I’m going for it. I’m even going to attempt dinner while were out……

What do I need from the shops? Absolutely nothing.