Babies to boys…

Boys in bed , so me and Keith are making the most of our time together and……sitting on our phones.

I stumbled on another picture that I just have to share. My family. My beautiful family of four.


Today I really saw them as boys rather than babies.

They’re almost ready to walk.

I’m already pulling¬† them close for cuddles and can feel their little hands pushing me away.

I told Ronnie “no” today for snatching toys from Arnie and he cried, because he understood.

I’ve listed their walker and jumperoo on selling sites, because they’re too big and I’ve spent an entire evening sorting through their clothes and replaced them with bigger sizes, throwing away some of their smaller bits.

Lately my ‘on this day’ reminders on Facebook are of tiny little babies that look nothing like the boys I put to bed.

I’m completely and utterly in love with them. Every single day I wake up and i love them more, it blows my mind how it can be possible.

This is my favourite stage, just like I’ve said before and I’ll no doubt say again on the next. I’ll never love anyone more than I do these three.

Until tomorrow when I fall for them all over again.